What’s included?

The installation price includes a dedicated
Biophotometric assessment to identify the level
of power required to disinfect the specific environment.

Our team will first assess your premises in order to identify all the areas suitable for disinfection. They will draw up a customized solution using VGuard products in addition to any other relevant safety equipment and indicate the best places for the devices to be installed.

Light emission measurements will be taken during the installation process and once completed your VGuard system will be thoroughly tested.

Example application. Area size: 1200x1200x750cm – 144 m2

UV-C Technology in safety

Safety first

Direct and prolonged exposure to UV-C rays is dangerous. VGuard® UV-C disinfection devices are equipped with specific safety mechanisms and installation is carried out by qualified professionals.
VGuard4® and all the other products in the VGuard line are designed to work automatically and without putting humans at risk whilst ensuring a correct disinfection of surfaces and environments thanks to safeguarding devices such as acoustic alarm before initiating a treatment cycle, a presence sensor which ensures automatic detection of personnel in the treatment area and immediate interruption of the disinfection process, plus other special functions for for specific applications, which will ensure the elimination of any potential risk.