VGuard Rolling®

Integrated UV-C module for the sanitization of food products, goods and luggage, inserted in roller tunnels with automatic advancement. Available in various sizes and powers. It allows the total sterilization of goods, foods and objects in a few seconds. Available in various powers, with a wide range of control devices for integration with the different types of existing feed devices.

Some application examples:


  • sanitation of ATM / ATM rooms
  • sanitizing of keyboards and touch-screens of Bancomat / ATM stations
  • sanitation of counter areas, offices and meeting rooms.


  • sanitizing of eggs for consumption


  • sanitation of water, finished food products and ingredients during the production cycle


  • sanitation of baggage and packages in transit

VGuard ATM machine®

UV-C bar available in various sizes and powers for the sanitization of keyboards and touch-screen displays of ATM, Cash Pay and Card Readers stations, and of escalator handrails. OEM versions for both original equipment and reftrofit installations. Wide range of safety and control systems dedicated to the respective applications.

Some application examples:

POS stations:

  • sanitization of automatic POS / ATM / Bancomat payment stations and of product dispensers at petrol stations
  • tobacconists
  • resales of fresh milk
  • laundromats
  • pharmacies
  • shopping mall galleries.

VGuard Travel Safely®

UV-C module for sanitizing seats, corridors and overhead bins of collective transport vehicles such as aircraft, buses, trains and naval vehicles.

Some application examples:

  • automatic sanitation of aircraft
  • automatic sanitization of buses, railway wagons, tramways and subways
  • sanitation of vehicle cabs