vertmonde has been designing, producing and distributing innovative lighting solutions since 2004 and in 2007 began developing luminaires using LED technology.

Attention to innovation is what distinguishes vertmonde.
By investing in the top technology, constantly choosing the best and most up to date light sources, over time vertmonde has been able to win the trust of some of the most prestigious companies in the world and to become supplier and technological partner.

In 2020, during the national lock-down for the Covid-19 EMERGENCY, vertmonde develops the new line of V-Guard products, for the daily sanitation of study and work environments without having to resort to periodic spraying of chemical substances. expensive as well as non-ecological practice.

The extensive lighting engineering know-how has enabled vertmonde to create a sanitizing device which is technologically innovative but based on the well-known and proven sterilizing property of the light emission in the UV-C frequency and with the precision and power typical of LED technology, substantially improving the sanitizing capability and performance of traditional fluorescent UV lights, which have long been used for sanite and disinfect water and other elements used in the production of food and pharmaceuticals.